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Once in a while, the old European languages add new words to their vocabulary. They often are words of foreign origin or referring to a custom.

I would like to profit of this occasion to launch the word “recup” into the modelling vocabulary. (that is if it hasn’t been done yet) “Recup” refers to recuperation which means recycling. A « recup » model is a model that is going to be recycled into a new model, not by melting it down but by giving it a new life by a modeller instead of ending up in a dustbin. An old kit that means nothing for one modeller can mean a lot to an other one and in these times of international crises and savings, we are up to date with it.

Every modeller has old and obsolete kits stacked away somewhere. I personally still own each and every single kit I did ever build. Some of them have been cannibalised for spare parts but most of them still remain stocked inboxes. Once in a while, before starting a new kit, I tend to go looking for them to see if I can repair or use them so to build another version than the one in the kit.

The first recup being rebuilt was an old 1/72nd Matchbox Hawker Fury. Its old painting and markings removed, the model was cleaned up and sanded, received a scratch interior, was repainted, got wiring added and new markings. The new kit received more interior details in the cockpit with small doors cut out and glued in open position.

A second model was a 1/72nd Airfix Henshel Hs126 that received almost the same treatment. The new kit was more detailed and finished in colours and markings provided as per kit for the anti tank version whilst the old one was finished in the bomber version.

An old 1/72 Airfix Ju 52 was repaired and transformed into a civil Sabena Ju 52 that underwent testing regarding the in flight dropping of mail bags on the former airfield of Gent – St.-Denijs-Westrem.

And it doesn’t have to stay with aircraft alone. An old and limp 1/72nd Esci Opel Blitz did find his way to a fellow modeller who reworked it and put it into scene with a newly build Ju 52 on a winning airfield diorama.

A 1/35 recup VW Typ 87 from Italeri was rebuild using some after market sets from CMK and Eduard. Together with recup figurines from Italeri and Dragon it found its place on another winning diorama called “Smoke stop in Sicily”. Two recup Vietnam era figurines (1/35 Dragon) started a new life on a new vignette “Saving a friend”.

But if you should think by now that I’m missing some parts in my head, be aware that I’m not alone doing this! I don’t know if this practice has spread amongst other modellers or clubs or if it happens only in IPMS Gent but a whole bunch of fellow modellers do practice rebuilding “recup” models.

So we can regularly see our Willy not only rebuilding old 1/35 Sherman tanks into other versions but he also rebuilds US half tracks, M8 Greyhounds, Bren carriers and Stuarts.

A recup 1/76th Airfix Matilda tank being rebuild by Johan is becoming a little gem on a small base and it will undoubtedly find its way onto show or competition tables. And there are other that rework and rebuild old models.

The old Matchbox bases accompanying their military kits also are a very welcome recup item, this time to be used as a small vignette or diorama base. My 1/72nd Emhar A7V did find a place on an old Matchbox Wespe base reworked to represent a WW1 battleground. Another Wespe base has been reworked to a desert landscape with a VBL Panhard and a third one will serve as a base for a CMP

I also use parts from model railroad buildings and complete railway stations are dismantled to serve as a background. The two diorama’s VW “Reichspost” and “Hospital” are the front and rear of an old Jouef railroad station and another part will be used in the creation of another diorama

All this to show that an old model isn’t necessarily lost and it doesn’t have to end in the dustbin. If you think you can’t do it yourself, present it to a fellow modeller and ask him if he can do something with it. de ce rubrique....

We, members of IPMS Gent, are proud of our builds and we would plead to make distinction between new and recup models”. For why we entered this introduction

Keep ‘m (re)building



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